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Miss Shelby County Pageant
Rising Stars

Dear Parents:

We are thrilled to have your daughter as a Rising Star participant for the Miss Shelby County pageant. The goal of the Rising Star program is to give the Rising Stars positive and strong female role models as they foster a relationship with the contestants, and learn more about the Miss America program. This program is also a way to help fund scholarships which is a very important part of the Miss Shelby County, Miss Alabama, and Miss America Organizations.

Rising Star participants will be featured onstage with the contestants during the Miss Shelby County Pageant, July 19th. (Rising Star placement is on a first come basis.) Participants will spend time with the contestants, enjoy a pageant craft, and a light dinner. Please have your Rising Star fully dressed and at Shelby County High School by 5pm. We assure you that your girls will be well taken care of and will have a wonderful time. The Rising Stars of the newly crowned Miss Shelby County and Miss Shelby County’s Outstanding Teen will be escorted on stage after crowning for their own Rising Star crowning. The Miss Shelby County 2020 Rising Stars will also be able to participate with their title holders throughout the year at events where possible. Practice those parade waves!

Rising Stars must be between the ages of 7 and 11, and live or attend school within the state of Alabama. Rising Star participation fees are $40.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Long, jlong@shelbyed.org

Thank you,

The Vignette Club
Sponsors of the Miss Shelby County Pageant